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May 6th, 2014 - old news
RIP Glob
The Raiderz of the Rottin' Eye season came to a bloody and terrible end Monday night as they were run over by the Avengers of the Misty Mountains. This just a week after the climactic finish as they squeaked out a last second goblin-tossed victory against the Meeple Leafs of Turunga. In the game against the Meeples, the Goblin rookie Footsie Joe was violently killed. After the game, the Raiderz skipper Verm Gombardi was elated. "We'll gladly trade a goblin for a victory. That's what team spirit is all about! That's what it means to be a Raider."

But this monday it was a lot more violent, more deadly and there was no victory for the Raiderz. In addition to the death of the so-called Goblin King Tursig, who's been relatively useless both on and off the field; the goblins lost star chainsawer Buzz Saw and the mighty Glob who is arguably the 3rd best Troll in the entire league. These loses are a terrible blow to the Raiders front line.

The goblin skipper was devasted, "I'm all for a few weapons hidden up your sleeve they had not one but two bombers and the second was some kind of gimungous bazooka gun and that was fine but the devil riding in the killer death cart was just too much. It was like a monster truck extravaganza out there. They runned down our looney and then I saw them pay off the ref. I saw it and everyone else in the stadium saw it. Then they runned down our troll." When asked why they didn't apothecary the troll (death is usually just a minor setback in Blood Bowl) he said, "Well the troll can regenerate can't he and 'sides we alreadied used up all our bandages."

In what is sure to become a controversial play to end the 1st half they had brought the apothecary onto the field to heal Ghrim who was merely badly hurt. It turned out to be a gross mismanagement of resources and the goblin skipper should rightly be taken to task for it. The team finishes the season with a whopping 96 casualties against and a 4-3-12 record but despite this still managed a 4th place finish. Glob, who courted death quite frequently finishes his season with 18 games played, 6 casualties and 2 deaths scored and had previously been killed twice.
- Verm Gombardi
May 2nd, 2014 - old news
4th Place Raiderz Vault into Playoffs
We've had a tuff 1st season but in our 2nd full season we land right near the top spot and ern a playoff. I'm real proud of the little fellas and wit a cupple more wins we will ritefully hold the top spot. Had the season gone on any longer we likely wuld've captured the top spot already, we really went on a run near the end but simply ran out of time but we will rilly shine in the playoffz. We may not be the tughest team or the fastestest team or the strongestest team or the prettiestest team but we're still the 4th bestest and nobody can takes that away from us. We just need to continue ar winning wayz and stomp the Leeple Meafs on our way to Goblin Glory. Go Rayders!
- Verm Gombardi
Apr. 1st, 2014 - old news
Welcome Home Verm
It's guud to be back, it was getting to be that time of the month again and maybe being a preetty prinsess is not alls its crack-ed up to be. I dont kow wot that lying reporter was yammern on about. Its all lies i sez. Our idiot Commish outta look into such slander... I mean our smart and wonderful Commish whos 'eart is always in the right places.

Weve ben getting our brains smashed in out there so now we gots ar best goblin engineers working on better 'elmets. We cant wear them yet cos they looks really stoopid. "But coach!" says the lads, "We're getting our brains smashed in!"
"I don care." I sez, "They look rilly stupid! Dawarfs wears silly 'ats like that. Do you want to look like a silly Dawarf? Besides yer a Goblin aincha? Wot goblin ever needed his brains for. I gots all the brains we need!"
- Verm Gombardi
Mar. 15th, 2014 - old news
Goblins Alls Stars
Dat Commish ot to gets his head in the game. He aks for the names of 2 gobbos wot to play in the Alls-Stars game. I sez iether we goblins are all all stars are none of us is. But the rilly big problem i gots is with the teams. They sez we gots to play for the bad guys against the good guys. Who the heck sez us Gobbos is bad? I resemble that remark. So just to shows yous all how good we are, we aint playing for the bad guys we's Playing for the good guys even tho we may be plaaying on the bad guys side o' the feild if you gets my drift. Thattal show those bad guys whos gud. I expect all the good guys to kick a little extra of the shiny stuff ar way when the pot is collected. Ime also looking wot for someone to place my bets for me cuz it don't look gud for me to be placing bets on the good side if ime on the bad side even tho i ain't no bad guy.
- Princess Patti Big Bawlz
Tournaments played:
'13 FlatlandCup, '14 FlatlandCup
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Open Season Exh
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Fair Play Team: '14 FlatlandCup


made 20K from rake on All-Star game bets
former coach Verm Gombardi

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