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Mar. 5th, 2015 - old news
Can't see
Dear Stan,
I am in love with your team. From your newest guys like Kraven and Thing to the most wanted player in the league Brock, I just can't get enough of them. My problem is that I want to meet with each member of your team but can never tell what they look like without all of their gear on. I would like to personally thank them for the excitement that they give me week in and week out. How's a girl supposed to stalk someone properly, is there any way you can help? I've sent a photo if that will help.


Dear Dazzler,
Now I don't personally recommend stalking players as they do tend to get hit a lot and get a little "confused" at times. We did recently take some team photos which are on our team page if you want to take a look at those. This should make for you to identify your favorite player at your nearest Safeway much easier. I would keep a look for them in the meat section. I would also be cautious about picking up the meatloaf, you never know what opponent may be ground up in there.
Thanks for sending in the letter, and next time you send in a photo make sure to include your phone number on the back so Uncle Stan can give you a call and give you a personal tour of the locker room, stadium, and my office.
Keep those letters (and photos) coming in, (it's the only thing that's stopping me from gouging my eyes out since, Da Big Green Un decided to post his In laws family photo all over this site) Yeah that's right I said it. Berta's married to Da Big Green Un's little brother Da Pink Cod Un. Might be how they are getting away with all of their blatant fouling.
Until Next Time True Believers
Make Mine The Mighty Marvels
- Stan the man Ditka
Feb. 19th, 2015 - old news
Genetic Manipulation
Dear Stan,
I have noticed that your team has a lot of guys who look very similar. Are these guys clones? Have they been genetically modified? I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that, just curious.
Ben Reilly

Dear Ben,
Yes, we at Marvel believe in getting the best out of our players. If that means tweaking them a little so be it. All of our Blitzers on our team are clones of a guy who would like to keep his identity a secret. We also have offered our genetic modification services to other teams. The Goblin team, da Rottin' Eye Raiderz, was full of clones that we created for them. They had a few genetic defects, hence them being so squishy and stunty, and not to mention cheap. We made a boat load of cash from that deal. There has been some rumors also of Here Comes Da Boom and Hulk being the "fathers" of Ty'nee. This I can verify as true. In fact the whole team of Berta'z 'Ballet' Beyb'z is a Genetic Slury of those 2 ogres. The snotlings are the result of the failed attempts.
Speaking of the Hulk, you may have noticed he has changed a little. We gave him a very short break, to calm him down a little. When he is Angry he just doesn't, well lets just say no one likes it when hulk gets mad, including our coaches. We have him more focused, and energized. All we can say is that he is now INCREDIBLE. Thanks again for the question Ben, We will be sending you a nice blue team hoodie in the mail for you and hopefully will see you at more of our games.
Until next time, make mine Marvel
- Stan the man Ditka
Feb. 8th, 2015 - old news
Hulk Mad
Why Lizardman Lie about Hulk?
Hulk Smash!!!!
Hulk no sex.
Hulk try sex once but Hulk Smash!!!
Lizardman make Hulk angry.
You no like Hulk angry.
Hulk Smash Lizardman!!!!
- Stan the man Ditka
Feb. 7th, 2015 - old news
Dear Stan,
I have watched a lot of blood bowl games and have noticed that a lot of different teams are using different shoes, what's your take on this?
Del Orge Murray

Well Mr. Murray, you would like to know how I feel about everyone's shoes. I think we need to get a league wide sponsor. Every team has a weird way of deciding on what shoes to wear. The Walkers for example decide at game time. They come to the field with a bunch of shoes in hand, trying them on the sidelines trying to figure which one has the best fit. The Privateers like their hightops, I feel it doesn't allow for flexibility. The team that really need to work on some system with their shoes are the Shadowblades. They have shoes for leaping, shoes for running, shoes for tackling, shoes for war dancers, shoes, shoes, shoes. You would think it was Berta running that team with all the shoes. The Shadowblades in a recent game were using their tackling shoes for running and at one point had 2 different kind of shoes. Shoes are like a good nog, once you find one you like stick with it, don't keep switching cause all you are going to get is a headache. Now as for a shoe sponsor I think K-Swiss and Kenny Powers should be who we back, just check out this video and I'm sure you will agree.
Thanks for the question Mr. Murray and until next time.
- Stan the man Ditka
Tournaments played:
'14 FlatlandCup, '15 FlatlandCup
Playing in:
Open Season Exh
Trophies won:
3rd place: '14 FlatlandCup


+50k bet on 2515 ASG, +20 participating, +20 for Winning and +1 FF / Coach ws Stan the man Ditka
+30k / 2516 ASG

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