The Turunga Meeple Leafs

Race:  Human
Coach:  Yhorin Skraelingsmasher

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Mar. 1st, 2016 - old news
Two can play a bloody game !!!
So the Zorbugs can think they can throw money at Comes duh Boom. Challenge accepted RAWWWWWGGGGHHH!

Want Comes da Boom in da grave , smashed , mashed , ground into ground. Challenge i will , smash I will , prob too chicken to face me ...orcs taste like chicken anyway....mmmmmm...droool
- Rokik Thorwulfsson
Feb. 26th, 2015 - old news
Final Matches
Have sent challenges, wait for reply. Stomp, crush your teams , forfeit or die ! RAAAAAAAGH!


Come duh Boom
Spokesorge Turunga Meeple Leafs
- Rokik Thorwulfsson
Apr. 13th, 2013 - old news
Looking for Matches
Available : Sat Afternoon, Sun Afternoon, Wok Box Monday, Chewsday , etc. give me call set the time for your ...yes,,,friendly match,

- Rokik Thorwulfsson
Apr. 2nd, 2013 - old news
What Bravery !!
The Tamriel Splinters putting a bounty on the worst team in the division.
Money well wasted.
Hook ,line and sinker !
Okay i have weakened his finances now go to town and earn that 40k on a top rated player and team ,Make a well deserved name for your team

Looking forward to warming my hands by a roaring fire,

Rokik Thorwulfsson
- Rokik Thorwulfsson
Tournaments played:
'13 FlatlandCup, '14 FlatlandCup, '15 FlatlandCup, Kick-All Exhib, '16 FlatlandCup
Playing in:
Open Season Exh
Trophies won:
Wooden Spoon: '13 FlatlandCup


+20K winning 2515 ASG and +1 FF
50k / 2516 ASG
Former Coach: Rokik Thorwulfsson

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2519 Flatland Cup Champions
Silver - 2nd Place
Bronze - 3rd Place
2520 Cripple Cup Mini Tournament

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/20 Cripple Cup, First Round
  1    Geldheim Golems
  2    Ruff Riderz
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