The Walkers

Race:  Shambling Undead
Coach:  Jonny Slammer
Ever had that crazy nightmare where you were being chased by your dead great aunt Sally and a swarm of Micheal Jackson's "Thriller" rejects? You weren't dreaming buddy.

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Mar. 10th, 2013 - old news
Long awaited update!!!
Hey guys.

Just wrapped up a 5 game road trip and filling you all in on the interesting happenings.

Game 1 against the darkie elves was hilarious. Mumm-ra tripped on his bandages, making him fall, and his head rolled in to the crowd. I laughed so hard that bloodweiser started coming out of my nose. They obligingly threw the thing back in where it was stomped on, kicked and tossed around to the point where no amount of voodoo was attaching it. Sent the scout out for some more fresh meat.

Game 2 was against the Boogerz. They aren't so bright but man, they take the hits. Every time I tried to push them down they just bounced back up, even with the help of Ramtut III. I wonder if I can put a bounty on the coach?

Game 3 was against the shadowblades again, still without a big smasher but we managed to 'convert' one of them to join our side. We warmly welcome the new addition of Ray-gun. He seems happy and enthusiastically says 'gluuuuuurg' on the bench. He will make some damn fine fodder.

Game 4 put us up against more Orcs but this time from the Bashas. The scout made it back from Egypt with another mummy that he said was a direct descendant of the first one, and he is working on preparing another one. That was my kinda game! Lotsa hits! Lotsa turnovers! Lotsa Bloodweiser! Didn't get the dub-ya but definetly increased the hospital bill for the Orcies.

Game 5 was against more squishies. Played the Splinters in a speed game. Lotsa hits again but the funniest part was the interception by Meat head. The ball fell into his hands and he had no Idea what to do with it. His first instinct was to try and bite it hoping there were brains inside. More Bloodweiser out of the nose. No dub-ya there either but pulled off a last minute draw.

The gang is a bit worn out from the road trip, and I am off to Tijuana with the Bloodweiser babes. I know the Necromancer will have them fired up again in no time screaming for your brains, and I will be back with the worst hang-over of my life (do not confuse me with the players) ready for more action later this week.
- Jonny Slammer
Feb. 14th, 2013 - old news
Fresh from a graveyard near you...
Freshly raised from the next town over, the Walkers are here for your bloody entertainment, and uh yeah.. there is a football involved somehow too. Come out and watch dead people make more dead people. FUN FUN FUN!
- Jonny Slammer
Tournaments played:
'13 FlatlandCup, '14 FlatlandCup, '15 FlatlandCup, '16 FlatlandCup
Playing in:
Open Season Exh
Trophies won:
Championship: '14 FlatlandCup
2nd place: '15 FlatlandCup
Most Dangerous Team: '15 FlatlandCup




50K teasury bonus for Leaky being 2513 Season MVP
-50k bet on 2515 ASG
30k and +1 FF / 2516 ASG

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