Match result

'18 FlatlandCup, Regular Season
Team badge
Midnight Madness

gate: 28 000
2 TD score 1
cas score
Wood Elf logo
no custom badge
It's Just an Elf


profile Nigerian Nightmare
profile Tony Mercury
TD Scorers
Sammie Lyn Bounty (90000 gp)
Foulers (no cas)
Badly Hurt'ers

fans / random event
profile Lagertha Lothbrok
Serious Injurers

mercenary / star

profile Tony Mercury
Completions By
Interceptions By

profile Tony Mercury
MVP awards to
Emma Lee
  Sustained Injuries  
-1 AV
Bobby Jo Bounty (60000 gp)
-1 ST
Nelly Lou dead
victim healed by apoth
Peggie Sue Bounty (40000 gp) dead
Result added February 11th, 2018

Match notes
We rolled up stadium and got one with poor dungeons. (We can roll to see if players could escape).

Weather rolled up with -1 to pass rolls, really sunny.

Frist half was pretty standard, except for a foul attempt by an unlikely character... a woodelf wardancer!
Mid second half Midnight Madness fumbled and it looked like a wardancer would make a dodge, pick up the ball and score. The dodge roll turned up double ones... roll for wardancer armour, then CAS including Apoth used was: 58, then 56! Turn over. The following turn saw a stab by a mercenary Dark Elf Assassin put Peggie Sue down. The roll to brake armour and CAS was Death. In Wendy's following turn she rolled double skulls and the second wardancer went down. The roll to break wad 58, -1S. This string of bad luck all came on within 4 minutes. Sorry Wendy!

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