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'18 FlatlandCup, Regular Season
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Midnight Madness

gate: 13 000
0 TD score 0
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Undercity Wonders

TD Scorers
Foulers (no cas)
Badly Hurt'ers
Serious Injurers

profile Markus D'Nefarious
profile Debbie Downer
profile Nigerian Nightmare
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profile Jennifer Jenocide
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Result added February 7th, 2018

Match notes
“Hello and welcome back to Thursday Night Blood Bowl recap with your hosts Bob Ooglie and Jim Helpert.”

“Now let us turn to the Midnight Madness and the Underworld Wonders’ game. Almost nobody came to tonight’s game and the fans that didn’t come where not disappointed, Jim!”

“That is right, Bob. Both teams started off on the wrong foot by not creating a single casualty. Adding salt to the injury, neither team could seem to score.”

“There was an elf team playing right, Jim?”

“Even though the score was kept low and the apothecaries unused we did see some crowd surfs, tentacle holds and Lord Borak the Despoiler graced us with his presence.”
“For sure, Jim, he stuck around to sign autographs after the game.”

“Bob, we can’t forget to mention the final play of the game. Dark Elf Irvan Backstabber picked up the ball on the goal line, in the tackle zone of the Bloater, Slort. Backstabber simply had to step over the line. However, Backstabber failed the dodge into the open end zone... and he has the dodge skill!”

“Double ones with the reroll, does it every time, Jim.

“Bob, I thought it was over there. But then Slort picked up the ball! I had assumed he had picked up the ball to spike it onto the downed Backstabber. But, it seemed to slip out of his hands and into a perfect spiral.”

“What amazes me is that it was caught some length down the field by his own teammate, Jim! Oh my what a pass!”

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