Match result

'18 FlatlandCup, Play-off Round 1
Team badge
Unnatural Selections

gate: 25 000
2 TD score 1
cas score
Team badge
Midnight Madness


Al Garra
Azark Bloodsnout
TD Scorers
profile Seymour Bloodin Guts
Foulers (no cas)

fans / random event
fans / random event
Punch n' Judy
Badly Hurt'ers
profile Anna Moontongue
Serious Injurers

Al Garra

Zeko the Ultraman
Zeko the Ultraman
Completions By
profile Tony Mercury
profile Lagertha Lothbrok
Interceptions By

G'isa the Ghoulasher
MVP awards to
profile Nigerian Nightmare
  Sustained Injuries  
profile Dark Matter dead
Result added April 21st, 2018

Match notes
The defending champs, Unnatural Selection, met the Midnight Madness in the first round of the playoff last night in Bloodbowl. The Madness won the toss and elected to receive in the second half. On the kickoff, the Madness took a stab at an onside kick but the quick witted Selection was there to recover. The Selection caged the ball at mid-pitch. The Madness tried to set the tone with some fouling from Mutually Assured Destruction. However, Goblin referee, Briber McBriberson, kept control of the pitch and tossed M.A.D. out of the game.

Zeko the Ultraman held the ball as the Unnatural Selection slowly advanced up the field. As they moved up the Selection were able to build a greater player imbalance by sending off three elves with injuries. Madness’s head coach Jim Cramer, “It was decision time. We were dropping like flies but I knew that Ben wasn’t THAT badly hurt. I called on the Apothecary to wake him up and get him back on the field.” The Selection scored first. The pass from Zeko the Ultraman was caught by the Skaven Renegade G’isa the Ghoulasher in the endzone. The lead was short lived. In the ensuing drive, the Madness moved the ball up the field quickly. Under all kinds of pressure quarterback Tony Mercury thread the needle to the speedy Seymour Bloodin’ Guts. With a dip, dodge and diving catch Guts hit the endzone to tie the game.

The Selection kicked off to the Madness to start the second half. The Selection sidelined the Madness’s drive when Mercury fumbled a pass on a double one roll. Amazingly, Unnatural Selection’s Ogre Punch N’Judy picked up the fumble. However, Punch N’Judy botched holding onto the ball. “In the scrum, we could only muster a strength four hit on that strength five Ogre,“ announced Coach Cramer, “Two dice, his choice... but we were fortunate enough to get two Pows!” The ball immediately bounced to a Selection’s Marauder. The Marauder obtained it for a moment until he was hit on the next roll. The fumble bounced yet again to a third Selection player. This time picked up by a now infamous player, #6 Al Garra. Al Garra broke free of the scrum, and broke free Dark Matter’s spinal cord in the process. “As he stepped over the broken body of our most famous tackler we knew that Nuffel had intervened,” Cramer said. Chewing away some time, Al Garra eventually scored after the direct result of being hit by a Madness player. With the score 2-1 and time ticking the last flicker of hope was snuffed out when Tony Mercury failed the ball pickup roll.

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