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Jan. 9th, 2018
Dark Vision needed for tonight's game
Midnight Madness and Dead Goblin Society clash tonight on the moonlight pitch.  "We are out for blood," Coach Cramer explained, "Gobbos aren't good for much besides kicking around so we are going to take out last year's frustrations on this year's Society."  It should be an exciting game for those that can see in the dark.
- Jim Cramer
Jan. 3rd, 2018
Midnight Madness back for '18
The Midnight Madness are back for another season with the Regina Flatland Blood Bowl League. The Madness are looking to improve on last year's 1-8-5 (W/L/T), 8 points and second last place in the league. Coach Jim Cramer, "Sell, Sell! Buy, Buy! I have cut the under performing and added some new talent to my roster. In those positions, I went with adding Armour Value. The focus is on the Defense. I'll Buy that! We are going to return to the field to bash the bashing teams and outscore the scoring teams."
- Jim Cramer
Apr. 9th, 2017
Madness Win Final Game of the Season!
Under the Friday night lights of their home town team arena, Midnight Madness finally won their first game of the season! They played the visiting Mighty Mutants for the second time. This big 3-0 win featured Madness’s own Dark Matter picking up two touchdowns. Matter also earned the MVP. After the game Matter said, “The Mutants seemed to fall apart, literally. There was an arm on the pitch and numerous facial parts. We got lucky. The Mutants rolled poorly, rolling a one for a ‘Go-For-It’, rolled Double Skulls, and throughout the game failed to injure on their injury roll.” By the end of the game most of the Mutants had regrown any lost body parts and perhaps a few extra. Matter commented, “I don’t ever want to play Chaos again. They are disgusting, smell horrible and worse yet make terrible slaves. We took none.”

Madness’s win comes on their last league game of the season. This win moves Madness into second last place in the league with a 1-4-8 record and 8 points. Feel the Warp falls into last place with 7 points. It’s Just an Elf leads the league with 48 points.
- Jim Cramer
Mar. 30th, 2017
Number Changed
I got a new cell phone number! My new number will be updated into the "Coach List" link on the left side column.
- Jim Cramer
Mar. 29th, 2017
Late Season Surge possible by Madness?
Coach Jim Cramer of the Midnight Madness has made his move to lift the team out of the celler in last place. Cramer has done the tried and true method of booking numerous games just before the season comes to an end. Once booked Cramer then hopes for a win. "With only one win the Madness could bump Feel the Warp into last spot! And with two wins the Madness could jump several spots up the leader board," commented an unknown sports analyst. "However even with games booked it doesn't mean success." This week the Madness has games against the Wolftown Royals, Twocandu and Green Bay Squeakers. After a short break they play Unnatural Selections and The Mightly Mutants to finish off the season.
- Jim Cramer
Mar. 7th, 2017
Pictures of the Team!
"Our Commissioner has uploaded pictures of the team! Check out the actual players for the Midnight Madness!"
- Jim Cramer
Mar. 7th, 2017
Midnight Madness Chooses a Team Logo!
"Hey, hey, hey... after a less then perfect start to the Early Season we finally enslaved our first prey. We finally captured our team logo!"
- Jim Cramer
Midnight Madness
Race:  Dark Elf
Coach:  Jim Cramer

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