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Jan. 21st, 2017
Battle of the Greenskins
To be honest, comparing the green skins of the Orc's to the rotting flesh of zombies and whatever was used to build the Fleshies is a like saying an apple is an orange.. but I couldn't think of a headline.

This was a brutal match for sure, many a hit was thrown on the pitch this day. There was a lot of turns where only about half the players the field were actually standing. Both sides on the giving and receiving end, but not a lot of casualties dealt out this time around.

From start to finish, it was a rushing game. Not throwing around the ball for these teams.. really just lucky anyone was holding onto the ball this one. Were's did a bit of surfing early, sending a black orc to the whims of the crowd. A couple times during the game, the zombies tried a bit of sprinting which ended with their rotting bodies, hugging the pitch. Luckily, their durability held up. No matter how many times they got hit, fouled or hurt... they always come back for more.

Were's for the win in this one again. The frenzy even taking over while carrying the ball, still not to busy to send a couple guys off the pitch while blitzing.

Might be time to pick up a Ghoul or dig one up, could use a bit more speed.
- Skip Wolfbane
Jan. 21st, 2017
Clash with Chaos
The Royals faced off against the Mutants at the esteemed Beer Bros. Stadium, in a game that saw a lot of hits, scores and a sweltering heat that kept up all game.

What started as a perfect blood bowl day, quickly switched to unholy hot hell on the pitch. Even the undead looked to be uncomfortable, luckily we gave the Wights a little greasing of the armour prior to kick off and the Were's didn't seem too phased.

Royals scored early and at the start of the second drive, there was a couple of ours off the field due to heat but we got the numbers advantage as the other team seemed more affected. Second half had a score a couple more and the cheering fans were behind us.

I'm not sure if they Mutants Troll was playing dead after the first time we sent him off the pitch but he didn't show up till almost the end of the game in which his contribution was minimal. I'm glad our big guys have to minds of their own, just a couple of knuckle heads that take orders and tend to keep coming after a proper beating.

Royals win, Undefeated streak continues
- Skip Wolfbane
Jan. 15th, 2017
Scaven Saturdays
Today had us head to head with the rats of the Green Bay. We take to the field and start the hitting early. One Were on the ball, one blitzing as a good Were should. Tackle being a key bane to the dodgey Gutter Runners, try to put a stop to those deep pushes into Royal territory.

First half had a bit of a scrum at centre field. Ball exchange hands a couple times but eventually we secured it and ran for the TD. Again, burn the clock for a safe first half.

Second half, had a tie up at centre field again. This time the crafty squeakers spread out and exploited the slow nature of the undead. Thinking it may be time to dig up the Ghouls going forward. They score mid half and give the ball back.

A kick landing very close to the LOS gives cause for concern but a little fleshy back up and another Were rushing the back puts us in good position to score. They other team tries to pin the offence agains the edge of the pitch but a couple blocks and a blitz makes it a win by one.
- Skip Wolfbane
Jan. 15th, 2017
Thursday Bite Night!!
A showdown between the Royals and Love Bites. Vamps and their Blood Jugs are a odd bunch to play against. Not only do those thralls have to watch out against the other team, those greedy Vampires are also occasionally doing our work for us.

Still, the versatile undead we face can do some magnificent feats. They can charm Slam Adams and that guy ain't no house pet. They are hard to catch, hit just as hard as the fleshes and are as fast as the wights. Luckily the Weres have few equals on speed and that helps keep the little biters in check.

We held them to no TD's in the first half. But as the second dragged on, we ran the clock but somehow these guys made it happen. A tie after two, but we'll take it. The fandom grows but somehow the money problems continue.
- Skip Wolfbane
Jan. 15th, 2017
Weres for the win
Not to long ago, the Royals played the Flaming Marauder's in a bout that saw great success for the team. Not only did the Were's carry the team as per usual, we even had a bit of offence from the rest of the team. All in all, 24 point game.. may NUFFLE grace us with a second showing like this.

This will be the start of a quick succession of games to follow as the Royals hit the road. May the good times keep on coming.
- Skip Wolfbane
Jan. 10th, 2017
Regen Rampage
Its nothing but mayhem when the undead rise and take on.. well, more undead. Nothing but big hits, cracking bones and very little playing the ball.

This match was a rushing game from the beginning to end. Bone, rotting flesh and mummy diapers crashing together on the field with almost no blood. Even the fans chipped in to beat down those khemri. But, just like those durable zombies, taking off the pitch is easier said then done. First three injuries of the game had undead regenerating and taking a seat on the bench, ready to make it happen again in the second half.

Sadly for the many fans in attendance, this was a no score.. and really how could it not be, with both Were's sitting on the bench. Only highlight of the game was one of the fleshes turned a skeleton into a pile of bone chips.. guess we can use the spare parts :P
- Skip Wolfbane
Jan. 8th, 2017
Played an Elf, win on the shelf
A better second showing for the Royals. Progress is slow but it has been made. First off, apparently Weres can't shrug off rocks, so the first drive had a bit of a stall. The first half started with a bit of bashing and our first TD. Our first Injury brought on by a zombie trip, nothing special but it put the rest of these dead heads in motion. Shortly after, we also got our first TD and completed pass to sneak one in before the half.

Next half had the elves running all over the field until the zombies got too scattered. After those clever long eared fellows scored early we had to send out Igor to round up all the minions. Lined up again, it took a few more hits, a few KOs and a well timed hand off at the very end of the game to seal this one away. We got lucky this time, hopefully now we can get a streak going.
- Skip Wolfbane
Jan. 8th, 2017
Unsavoury start against the Unnaturals
These royals sure start slow. About the best job they did was taking up space on the pitch. A couple of attempts at blocking netted zero injuries. Either the other team was wearing extra armor or the Weres where just dealing out tickle attacks.

The high point of our offence was a block on the ogre that knocked him down, followed by a team effort foul that had one of our own sent off the pitch. I didn't bother arguing the call as there wasn't much point. One TD against us, we held them to that at least.
- Skip Wolfbane
Wolftown Royals
Race:  Necromantic
Coach:  Skip Wolfbane

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