Dead Goblin Society

Race:  Goblin
Coach:  De-grootz
'Dem Orc boyz waz mad wez did'n win nuffin' last season, so deyz left ta crump som 'Umies. But I loves Blood Bowl so much I 'ad ta keep at it.

I found dez Gitz 'ere. All snobby and "pre-ten-chus" like. Gonna whip dem inta lean, mean, Blood Bowl machines!
Good ting Gobbos is easy to find, 'cause wez need a lot o' dem! Dey go squish reaaal easy-like.

Dead Goblin Society team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Mar. 2nd, 2018 - old news
Goblin Suicide Hotline
The following is a paid advertisement for Dead Goblin Society Inc.

Are you or someone you know suffering from Goblin Existence Depression (G.E.D.)? Are you looking for a release from your horrible living conditions? Do you dream of a violent and messy death?

Call the Goblin Suicide Hotline. Our trained support staff will give you the help you need. You could have what it takes to meet your untimely and grisly death on the Blood Bowl pitch! Possible deaths include, but are not limited to: death by Minotaur, death by broken neck caused by tripping, death by an angry mob, death by chainsaw kickback, death by a hungry troll, and many more.

Don't wait! Many Goblins end their life at home, by themselves. You don't have to meet your end alone! Call the Goblin Suicide Hotline! 1-800-402-5467. That's 1-800-GOBLINS. Let your death mean something. 1-800-GOBLINS.

The preceding was a paid advertisement for Dead Goblin Society Inc.
- De-grootz
Jan. 10th, 2018 - old news
Heap 'O Dead Gobbo's
Dey don't call us da Dead Gobbo S'ciety fer nuffing! Dem 'Umies gave da gitz a gud smash! Wez gonna need ta find more Gobbo's for da next match!
- De-grootz
Jan. 9th, 2018 - old news
Bags 'O Gold
It waz dark last night. So dark dem Trolls diddn't see much 'appening. Dey stood 'round pick'n dey noses most 'o da match.

But, I knows one t'ing. Even in da dark, dem refs can see da shiny bag 'o gold! He he he.
- De-grootz
Tournaments played:
'18 FlatlandCup
Trophies won:
Wooden Spoon: '18 FlatlandCup


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