The Eye

Race:  Orc
Coach:  Lord Smazmac

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Bulletin board from the coach
Apr. 26th, 2016 - old news
Deathbowl anyone?
Hi. Despite several attempts by me to organize a game of deathbowl we can't seem to get more than 3 people at the same time. So I propose everyone interested submit a list of dates they would be available to me and we'll see if we can't play a game or two of Deathbowl. Kelvin.
- Gobsmack Blackheart
Apr. 26th, 2016 - old news
Deathbowl at the Con?
Hi everyone. I will be bringing my Deathbowl board and several teams to the con if anyone is interested in playing there. Please speak to me if you're interested. Kelvin.
- Gobsmack Blackheart
Apr. 2nd, 2016 - old news
New Email Address
Hi everyone. A couple of things I talked with Chris and I'm going to be running a game of Deathbowl at the Wok Box on Monday April 18th at 8pm. Sign up early to make sure you get a spot it should be a blast. 2nd I have a new email address that goes to my phone it's, thanks.
- Gobsmack Blackheart
Mar. 6th, 2016 - old news
12 Player Teams $90. Can
Hi everyone. In answer to a question I've decided to add smaller teams to the offer so you can order the 11 or 12 player Meiko teams for 60 eroes or $90. can. I'll even do the site one better and offer 13, 14, & 15 player teams. 13 player teams would be $97.50 can, 14 player teams $105. can and 15 player teams for $112.50 can.
- Gobsmack Blackheart
Tournaments played:
'15 FlatlandCup, '16 FlatlandCup
Playing in:
Open Season Exh
Trophies won:
Wooden Spoon: '15 FlatlandCup


-50k bet on 2515 ASG
Coach name was Gobsmack Blackheart
180k and +1 FF / 2516 ASG

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2517 Flatland Cup Champions
Silver - 2nd Place
Bronze - 3rd Place
2516 Dungeon Bowl ASG Winners
Most Dangerous Team
Fair Play Team
Wooden Spoon

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