Tamriel Splinters

Race:  Wood Elf
Coach:  Charles Xavier

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Bulletin board from the coach
Apr. 6th, 2013 - old news
This just in
Im sorry to say but sad blossom the great will b retiring after this season his roots are not in this game and he has many rootlings that he his to take care of
- Eradra Bolrin
Apr. 2nd, 2013 - old news
My regrets
Ya I know but the ogre is the most dangerous player in the league right now and we would like to see that threat cut out And sorry for the sad blossoms action he just got offended by this but after some time to cool down he said he's sorry for the actions but he also said bring it Try to take me out
- Eradra Bolrin
Apr. 1st, 2013 - old news
Bad idea mr ogre
I just heard that some humans don't like trees well sad blossom doesn't like ogres who disrespect him remember last time that the ogre crossed me i won, so who ever takes down this ogre will b payed a handsome amount Don't ever cross me. Mr ogre the tree will always win

Sad blossom the great
- Eradra Bolrin
Mar. 11th, 2013 - old news
We have learned
We played a lot of games this early season the most in this league , and we learned a lot this all star game is going to be crazy we lost games by crazy amounts but we have two players Fillim And tarene they have been the MVP's of this team if it wasnt for them our team would b not the same so they might go to the all star game but aranni Could also go so he's a leader of the team but who knows next week me as the coach will make the decision It will b really hard but I know whoever goes o the All star game will make me as the coach happy
- Eradra Bolrin
Tournaments played:
'13 FlatlandCup
Playing in:
Open Season Exh
Trophies won:
Fair Play Team: '13 FlatlandCup


Tamriel Splinters head coach was Eradra Bolrin
Misty Mountain Revengers head coach is Tor Shaleworker

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2518 Flatland Cup Champions
Silver - 2nd Place
Bronze - 3rd Place
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Wooden Spoon

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